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Brief History of ACK Emmanuel Church, Kisauni - Mombasa

Doctor Ludwing Kraph of the Church Missionary Society of England landed in Mombasa in the 18th Century (1844). He later established the first Christian Center at Rabai, Kilifi District 16 miles inland. His wife and Child died and were buried at Mkomani. He with other dedicated Missionaries assisted by some ex-slaves from Bombay was the backbone of the Kenya Christianity we see today. One of them was The Rev. Canon Harry Kerr Binns who was stationed at Rabai for some time.

When Frere town settlement was established in 1873, Rev. Canon H. K. Binns was transferred here to administer the settlement. He was instrumental in introducing many activities such as the building of Emmanuel Church from 1879-July 1889 (when it was consecrated). This Church was built after the people had settled here for over (30) thirty years. 


Emmanuel Church is built in Frere town on the North mainland from Mombasa Island. Situated on the left hand side just across the Nyali Bridge.  This Church is the second oldest Church in East and Central Africa and therefore a more historical building of Mombasa beside its ecclesiastical function.

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